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BMW launches ConnectedDrive services in New Zealand

Published: September 26, 2014 | New Zealand

BMW has announced the availability of its BMW ConnectedDrive services and apps in the New Zealand market. BMW New Zealand is claiming that ConnectedeDrive services will be available in virtually EVERY model. To facilitate these features, a permanently installed SIM card has been fitted to all BMW ConnectedDrive enabled vehicles and allows the flow of data and voice transfer to and from the vehicle which will be managed by Vodafone.

“Whether it is connectivity to the vehicle through the driver assist features and the remote apps, or to the outside world via the online services, just about every conceivable need has been considered. The access to these technologies will be a revolution for New Zealand consumers.” – Nina Englert, Managing Director, BMW New Zealand


ConnectedDrive Services & Apps include the following:

BMW TeleServices.?

Utilising the vehicle’s condition based service (CBS) sensors, the vehicle detects when it is due for a service and automatically transmits this data to the customer’s preferred authorised BMW servicing dealer.

Teleservice breakdown call.

In the event of a breakdown, the driver can initiate the BMW Breakdown Call to summon assistance. It also opens an automatic voice connection so that the roadside assistance specialist can discuss the situation and provide advice on the next steps as required.

Teleservice battery guard.

This feature monitors the condition of the vehicle battery and, if the state of charge drops below a certain level, the owner is alerted by either text message or email, depending on set-up in the My BMW ConnectedDrive Online Portal.

Intelligent Emergency call.

If the vehicle is involved in an accident and an airbag deploys, a call is automatically initiated to the BMW ConnectedDrive Call Centre and all relevant data, such as vehicle position, direction of travel, risk of injury and vehicle status is transmitted to the centre. Details of the vehicle model and all the data gathered by the sensors in the car are relayed to the call centre as well. This information provides indications as to the nature and severity of the collision, while the deployment of the car’s restraint systems indicates if people are injured and allows frontal, rear, side or even multiple collisions to be identified and differentiated. A voice connection (independent of the driver’s mobile phone) is also opened between the car and the BMW call centre so specially trained personnel can establish contact to further assess the situation, provide support over the phone and call the emergency services on your behalf if required.

A manual emergency call can be triggered by actively pressing a button which is housed under a flip cover in the headliner. This device is designed to be used if the driver needs to summon assistance for other road users.

Certain functions within ConnectedDrive, which are not deemed to be driver assistance, are partially disabled when the vehicle is moving to ensure the driver’s focus remains on the road.

Remote Services.

The My BMW Remote app connects the customer directly to their car via an app installed on their smartphone. This allows remote control of features such as vehicle ventilation, in case you want to reduce the heat in the vehicle before you reach it on a hot summers day, remote lock and unlock, remote headlight flash, remote horn activation, vehicle finder which displays the location of the vehicle on a map within a radius of 1,500m and transfer of Google local search results to the vehicle navigation system.

The ConnectedDrive equipped vehicles will be available by 2015.

Source: BMW New Zealand


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