Cellocator releases new driver safety and eco driving solution


Israel: According to a recent news, Cellocator, a Pointer Telocation Division, has launched Cello-IQ, a driver safety and eco driving solution, designed to improve fleet safety and reduce fleet operation costs.

As in news, Cello-IQ is one of a very few systems on the market that delivers in-cab real time fleet safety and ECO driving analysis, while being simultaneously ready for integration with any Telematics Service Provider (TSP) software platform with minimal integration and development effort.

As per the source, the Cello-IQ device processes and interprets vehicle dynamics and vehicle operation patterns into driver’s safety and ECO scores, reflecting the driver’s relative level of risk, fuel consumption and emission footprint within the scope of a given population and/or a vehicle category. Cello-IQ is available in two flavors, Cello-IQ 50 – the Premium solution, and Cello-IQ 40 – the entry-level solution. An optional module of the solution, on top of Cellocator’s Cello-IQ device, is the Driver Feedback Display (DFD) unit, which is installed on the dashboard, providing vocal and visual feedback on a variety of driving maneuvers, for an effective real time drivers’ coaching

Noam Cimand, VP Sales & Marketing at Cellocator, said: “Cello-IQ is a revolutionary system, offering end to end driver behavior and fleet safety solution, in order to assist fleet managers in enhancing driver safety and operating efficient fleets. The unique benefit of Cello-IQ is that it is a perfect fit for numerous telematics software developers who wish to add driver behavior and fleet safety to their fleet management software platform.”




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