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CEO’s statement: Android Auto & CarPlay are coming to BMW models

Published: November 05, 2015 | Bavaria

BMW’s CEO, Harald Krueger, has confirmed that the German company will offer its customers both Apple’s new CarPlay feature and Google’s Android Auto. The news came during the conference call for the quarterly report usually held every three months.

The topic of digitalization has been a main focus for a lot of brands recently. It’s not only CarPlay and Android Auto that Mr. Krueger is referring to, but also autonomous features that make the cars safer and more comfortable to travel in for long distances. However, as the offerings from Apple and Google will make their debut on BMW cars, the main focus of engineers and programmers will be to keep their customers’ data protected. That’s also one of the reasons why it’s taking so long for the Germans to bring these features to the market.

Here is an excerpt of his full speech…

The future of the automotive industry will be decided in the fields of vehicle connectivity and autonomous driving. Digitalization is transforming our entire business model – from customer touch points to mobility concepts and services, as well as to digitally-supported production.
We want our customers to be able to make full use of their smartphone’s features in the car as well. Thus, we are going to integrate Apple’s ‘CarPlay’ and Google’s ‘Android Auto’ into our vehicles. Obviously, it is not in the interest of our customers to give third-party providers access to their data. For us, the protection of our customers’ data is top priority.
The digitalization of mobility offers an exciting potential for growth in our industry. Over the past decades, the car has become a highly complex technological machine. So, whether you want to offer mobility “Made in Silicon Valley” or “Made in Bavaria” – the same regulatory requirements and challenges apply to everybody.
Our focus at the BMW Group has always been on the long-term and will remain so in the future. In our strategy process, we simultaneously consider two time periods: First, which operational actions can efficiently guide us up to 2020? Second, and I would say this is the decisive question: What do we need to remain successful within our competitive environment in 2025 and beyond?

The phrase in red is another important thing that indicates how BMW is bullish about connected car data privacy. Few months back, when asked if BMW would give 3rd party service providers access to connected car data, it replied “NO THANKS”.

Source: BMW


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