China allows self-driving cars on its roads

China is allowing self-driving cars on its roads. According to a statement released by the Beijing Municipal Transport Commission companies registered in China will be able to test their autonomous vehicles on certain roads and under certain conditions. However, the roads on which these vehicles will be allowed has not been made public yet. It is also mandatory that a human driver must be present behind the wheels in case anything goes wrong. The companies will have to apply to the authorities for getting the permission to test their vehicles on the road.

China allows self-driving cars on its roads

It can be recalled that last year Robin Li, CEO of Baidu was put under investigation for riding a self-driving car as at that time self-driving cars were not allowed on the public roads. China has made a lot of progress in the self-driving technology of late and a number of companies are planning to launch their autonomous vehicles in the country. Chinese internet giant Baidu is also working on Project Apollo dedicated to developing the self-driving technology. In this light, it is a welcome move by the Chinese authorities and will help in further development of this technology.



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