CLARION unveils NX702E – audio video navigation

Clarion NX702E
Clarion NX702E

USA: Clarion has unveiled new range-leading in-car AVN source unit, boasting full-featured capabilities such as integrated digital TV tuner, built-in Parrot Bluetooth, pan-European navigation mapping by TomTom, as well as iPod and iPhone integration.

The flagship NX702E model is an all-in-one 2DIN audio video navigation unit that makes the most of an expansive high resolution WVGA seven inch sloping touch-screen, with a new intuitive, animated Graphical User Interface (GUI).

On the entertainment front, the NX702E supports multiple media file formats including DivX, via CD, DVD and USB, whilst Clarion has included a built-in Digital TV tuner and antenna, and ensured the unit is Digital Radio ready via the addition of an optional tuner.

NX702E is ‘Made for iPod’ and ‘Made for iPhone’ certified, so you can enjoy the convenience of iPod/iPhone ABC Search function to quickly access tunes, with a ‘simple control mode’ allowing operation using the iPod/iPhone control. Album artwork is also displayed to visually enhance the interactive experience.

The built-in navigation unit is Clarion’s most advanced to date, offering several innovative features to make your journey more efficient and enjoyable, from 360? 3D views of city centres, buildings and landmarks, real-time traffic management and voice guidance in 38 different languages, including Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin).

Pre-loaded with 12 million Points of Interest (POI), the 8GB microSD card used for map storage offers easy updates using Clarion’s Navi Extras website, whilst a Latest Map Guarantee also allows a free map update within 30 days of product registration.

Clarion has continued its partnership with Parrot Bluetooth in 2012, incorporating a state-of-the-art module within its AVN showcase, to offer the widest level of compatibility with a variety of mobile phones and PDA’s.

Safe hands-free communication is made possible via the built-in or optional stand-alone microphone, while wireless A2DP audio streaming is also possible via supported devices.

The digital LCD monitor is built to harness Flick Operation – common place in mobile phone and online magazine technology – allowing the user to scroll through menus easily and effectively, while icons can be highlighted and dragged to alternative positions for a more customised appearance and set-up.

Clarion’s 2-zone technology also puts the flick operation to good use, enabling different sources to be instantly selected for the front and rear of a vehicle.

As expected from a company founded on unrivalled in-car audio expertise, the NX702E also sounds crystal clear, thanks to a powerful internal 4 x 50W amplifier and high-end features such as digital time alignment and crossover, built-in high-pass and low-pass filters and a 5-band parametric equalizer.

With enhanced opportunities to further fine-tune the audio via Magna Bass EX – boosting the lowest octaves for deeper bass – Clarion’s NX702E delivers high-tech in-car multimedia in a convenient and easy-to-operate package that does not compromise on quality.

Graham Case, General Manager Clarion GB Ltd., stated that, “The NX702E is the latest step in a drive to ensure that our customers can enjoy the same level of information and entertainment interaction on the move, as they do at home. Acting much like a co-pilot, the NX702E and the innovations Clarion is implementing for this and future models, is rooted in our original equipment expertise, and will truly transform the in-vehicle experience.”



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