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Connected Signals to showcase its smart vehicle technologies at CES 2019

Connected Signals, Inc. will showcase its latest technology for smart cities and smart cars at CES 2019. The company will introduce two new technologies: the Signal Priority System (SPS) for cities and municipalities, and GlobaLight™ for connected and autonomous vehicles.
Both technologies use predictive data and artificial intelligence to improve safety and traffic flow, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. Connected Signals’ advanced traffic signal information technology will be available to view through in-car demos during CES 2019.


Connected Signals’ GlobaLight is a leading-edge, smart vehicle technology created for automobile manufacturers and others. It combines traffic engineering, machine learning and information acquired from vehicles to generate real-time predictive traffic-signal information.
GlobaLight brings traffic signals online without using expensive infrastructure or access to city traffic management systems, expanding Connected Signals’ coverage to most traffic lights worldwide.

Connected Signals’ SPS

Connected Signals’ SPS is a revolutionary smart-city technology that lets cities prioritize traffic signals for specific users (for example: buses, pedestrians, EMS vehicles, cyclists, etc.). This increases efficiency and reduces delays. SPS does not require the installation of special equipment, instead relying on cloud-based servers and cities’ existing traffic management systems. The result is a flexible and cost-effective system that can evolve in response to cities’ ever-changing needs.


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