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Consumers in China less enthusiastic for autonomous vehicles

Published: April 27, 2016 | Beijing, China

Consumers in China are less enthusiastic than their counterparts in the United States about the prospect of an autonomous vehicle future, according to J.D. Power and Tencent Auto joint research presented on April 23 at the Tencent “X Era” Automobile Summit. Drawing on a Pulse survey of approximately 5,000 consumers in China, J.D. Power finds that just 9% are very positive on the prospect of unmanned mobility, roughly half the number of positive responses seen among U.S. consumers.

The research results, presented by J.D. Power vice president and general manager of Asia-Pacific automotive operations Geoff Broderick, illustrate the unique preferences of auto consumers in China. Among the key findings, significant differences between Chinese and U.S. consumers are found in the preferences for autonomous driving technology, fuel efficiency and overall feature cost.

Chen Juhong, Vice President of Tencent said consumers are demanding technology in their vehicles. This demand will foster the development of a number of new high-tech features that are in, or coming soon to the Chinese market.  These technologies are paving the way toward autonomous vehicles.

“China is the world’s largest automotive market and traffic jams are a fact of daily life, but the number of motor vehicles per 1,000 people is still only a fraction of that in the United States and other developed markets,” said Broderick. “Driving in China is still a novelty and serves as a kind of socio-economic status symbol of having arrived. As the market matures, consumers in China are rapidly becoming exceptionally discerning and are seeking value when considering technology and other features. This creates a unique set of preferences that are important for manufacturers to understand.”

Source: J. D. Power


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