Coyote launches new device with GPS navigation software

Paris, France: Coyote has launched today in Paris “Coyote Nav“ its first device that integrates a turn-by-turn GPS navigation software. Coyote Nav features a 5-inch display in a PND size form factor. But unlike PNDs the navigation is a feature added to the Coyote interface, not the other way around.

In a press conference today in Paris, Coyote CEO Didier Quillot explained this choice by user’s statistics: on average people use navigation 1.5 times per month while 89 percent of Coyote owners use their device every day. There is however a sizeable demand for navigation from Coyote users; 59 percent of them would be interested in this feature the company said, based on its customer research.

The user interface has been built around an easy to use button that switches between a map view and GPS navigation buttons and a typical Coyote view of road alerts. The three buttons that allow drivers to signal problem to the Coyote community are however visible on all screens and the alerts are also displayed on top of the map mode – when required.  The navigation engine used by Coyote comes from ALK Technologies, a long time player in the navigation industry.  In addition to turn-by-turn spoken directions, Coyote Nav offers fuel prices data as well as parking availabilities. But compared to a basic PND the available POIs are however quite limited: fuel, parking, airports and train stations are the only places where to go.

Interestingly Coyote is not charging a premium for this device compared to its existing product line-up. Coyote Nav costs €199 with a monthly fee of €12, the exact same price that was charged for their previous product which had a smaller screen and no navigation.  In addition to that Coyote offers a €100 rebate on the €199 price for all buyers (existing and new customers) of a 24 months (€250) subscription.  Launched in France these days, the product is due in a few other European countries by the end of the year.



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