CSR introduces SiRFstarVe location platform for automotive market

USA: CSR has introduced its first product based on the SiRFstarV architecture, a quad-GNSS location platform designed to support GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass systems and optimized to address the increasing demands of the auto industry. Designed for automotive market AEC-Q100 qualification requirements and able to operate in either engine or tracker modes, the SiRFstarVe is able to break through ambient electrical noise and radio interference to provide automotive Tier One suppliers and OEMs around the world with continuous, highly accurate positioning capabilities for their next generation of in-dash navigation and telematics applications in cars, trucks and other moveable assets requiring automotive-qualified devices.

Highlights of SiRFstarVe

  • Optimized for automotive applications
  • Quad-GNSS support
  • LTE radio signal immunity
  • Active jammer removal

Lars Boeryd, Director of Automotive Marketing for CSR, stated that,”The quad-GNSS design of the SiRFstarVe location device provides customers with a platform that is designed to meet the requirements for global and regional GNSS support for years to come, including GLONASS for Russia, Galileo for Europe, and Compass for China. We’ve also made the SiRFstarVe device pin-compatible with our current auto-qualified SiRFstarIVe GPS engine in an effort to protect customer investments by allowing them to easily upgrade their existing designs to the higher performance part.”



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