Daimler and Bosch plan to test self-driving taxis in next few months

Daimler and Bosch plan to test self-driving taxis in next few months, according to an interview given by Dailmer executives to a Germany Weekly Automobilwoche. The companies joined forces last year to advance the development of fully automated and driverless vehicles and deploy the same on the urban roads by the beginning of the next decade.

It is well known that the way we commute is set to be disrupted amidst predictions of the end of ownership of cars and rise of shared mobility. Many new companies have sprung up and many automakers and technology companies have announced their plans to enter mobility space.

Robotaxis or self-driving taxis present an exciting opportunity in this context and the companies like Waymo, Lyft, Uber, GM have reached advanced levels while working on it. These companies have announced their plans to launch Robotaxis in near future, Waymo is buying thousands of self-driving cars from FCA and Uber from Volvo. GM too has made public its plans to enter into mobility space with its autonomous cars, Lyft is also working with Aptiv on Robotaxis. There are many other companies as well that have such plans.

In this light, the partnership between Daimler which the world’s No.1 maker of premium cars and Bosch, the world’s No.1 automotive supplier, would present a formidable challenge for these companies.

It should be noted that Daimler-Bosch ranked 3rd after Waymo, GM and before Ford in the Navigant Research report that evaluated companies developing automated driving systems based on different criteria. If Daimer-Bosch enter into shared mobility space they will pose a challenge to the incumbents. However, it is yet to be seen what is the next step by the companies after these tests and where and when these tests are conducted.


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