Delphi launches plug-and-play connected car solution in Europe



US: Delphi Automotive has introduced a unique plug-and-play connected car solution in Europe. After a successful U.S. launch, European drivers will soon have access to cloud-based telematics in older model cars starting in 2014.

To access the service, car owners simply plug-in the Delphi Connect module to the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port of their vehicle, which is usually located under the steering column. The service utilizes a dedicated and secure cloud server to store data and provide access to certain vehicle information. Through a smartphone app (Android or Apple) or a web portal, the user will have access to numerous features.

For instance, they will receive important alerts about their vehicle’s health and any necessary repairs. Drivers will be able to monitor, track and locate their car anywhere, at any time. Additionally, drivers also can receive warnings remotely in case a certain speed level is exceeded, which can be useful for professional fleet managers or for parents of young drivers.

Delphi Connect enables drivers/vehicle owners to enjoy the benefits of:
Vehicle health alerts: Automatic notices about a problem or potential problem with the vehicle is sent to its owners. For example, warnings about engine issues, emissions issues, safety issues, etc.
Vehicle tracking: Real-time vehicle tracking on a map, showing the vehicle’s position, speed and direction. – Vehicle location: A car can be easily located and accessed anywhere and at anytime without having to remember to tag its original location.

Driving history / driver’s logbook: Provides a summary of driving trips

Safe driver monitoring: Locates the vehicle when driven by others. The vehicle’s owner also can specify designated areas (also known as geo-fencing) for the vehicle to travel. For example, the system can notify fleet owners of their vehicle’s exit or entry to and from a pre-determined destination.

The system operates through downloadable Delphi smartphone apps, available for Android 2.2 and Apple iOS 5.0 and later devices, as well as a Delphi Web portal. Data transmitted through the Delphi connectivity system remains secure and encrypted.

Pietro Ottavis, vice president, Delphi Infotainment & Driver Interface, said: “Thanks to Delphi Connect, drivers will now have easy access to useful information about their car. It will help keep vehicles secure and operating optimally”.
The programmable nature of the device will allow Delphi to constantly improve the service and offerings in the future. Delphi Connect will initially be launched in Germany and then rolled-out in other European countries.



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