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Desay SV to develop L4 and L5 AV Technologies in Singapore

Desay SV plans to establish new R&D teams to develop frontier technologies in Level 4 and Level 5 vehicle autonomy and automotive cybersecurity exclusively in Singapore.

Desay SV Automotive is automotive electronics company that develops and manufactures in-vehicle infotainment systems, in-vehicle climatic controllers, digital instrument display, and automotive vehicle technologies.

The company intends to develop manpower and capabilities in Singapore relating to AVT and automotive cybersecurity by forming collaborative alliances with local research organizations.

Desay SV aims to augment Automotive Vehicle Technologies (AVT) and Advanced Development (AD) divisions located at ICON@IBP, Singapore supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

• AVT in Singapore is slated to be Desay SV’s sole global upstream R&D Centre to develop and prototype new technologies for fully autonomous Level 4 driverless vehicles (that can perform all safety-critical driving functions and monitor road conditions for an entire trip within a controlled geofenced area called an ‘operational design domain’ or ODD), and for sentient Level 5 vehicles (that can self-drive anywhere within or outside an ODD). These new technologies will be adapted and incorporated–at Desay SV’s headquarters in Huizhou, Guangdong, China–into new commercial products with current Level 2 chip-controlled autonomy (that takes over specific functions from a human driver) to Level 4 vehicle autonomy.

• AD in Singapore will seek and develop next-generation technologies to augment Desay SV’s in-vehicle products, as well as become Desay SV’s only AD team globally to focus on three competencies: cyber-physical system security (CSS), in-vehicle network (IVN) and wireless multimedia communications (WMC).

Source: Press Release


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