Autonomous’s autonomous vehicle pilot program launched

Drive. ai is launching an autonomous vehicle pilot in Frisco, Texas. The company has been collaborating with Frisco TMA to design a program that serves the community and brings them to and from the places they want to go.

The company had announced the news of its self-driving service back in May, and in April 2018, began driving along the route in Frisco, collecting data for its deep learning AI systems, documenting the scenarios its cars encountered, and creating custom simulations to improve the way our vehicles perform on the roads.

The company has been driving its cars on the streets of its geo-fenced route in Frisco, which crosses six lanes of traffic, takes through parking lots, and involves pulling over to pick up and drop off passengers on-demand.

The company in a press release has said that its focus is on solving a mobility challenge, and doing so safely. To that end, in addition to “real world” logged miles, the company has racked up over one million simulated miles on our Frisco route.



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