DTE Energy add vehicle tracking devices from SkyGuard

SkyGuard to expand DTE Energy vehicle tracking operation

Flowood, MS, February 17, 2011 –(– SkyGuard today announces that DTE Energy, a gas and electric utility services provider in Michigan, has expanded its relationship with SkyGuard, their selected vendor for GPS vehicle tracking devices and fleet management services, by adding approximately 40% more vehicle tracking devices.

“SkyGuard allows us to see when excessive engine idling as well as inefficient routing and driver behavior occur. These activities wasted time and inflated our fuel consumption more than we thought,” commented Todd Kolp, fleet manager for DTE Energy. “We’ve already saved considerably on fuel and inefficiencies by utilizing SkyGuard, so the decision to expand that relationship was a no-brainer. Their system helps us manage our fleet better.” DTE will also have access to a new feature that allows them to track hours of boom operation. This ensures the booms are maintained properly which keeps their employees safe.

DTE also added several new SkyGuard Trailer & Asset Tracking devices. Now, DTE will be able to locate their assets that have no power source. Typically, these devices are attached to tractor trailers, mobile storage units, construction equipment or portable generators. The device transmits a wireless signal daily to register with SkyGuard. A DTE system user can log into SkyGuard’s web-based application and see the unit’s last known geographical location displayed on the map or reflected in reports. For an additional layer of security, DTE can choose to have a GeoFence set up around the perimeter of the unit. If the unit registers with the SkyGuard system outside of that GeoFence, an alert is triggered and the system can be configured to immediately begin tracking the device.

“There are very few limits to what can be tracked with the SkyGuard Trailer & Asset Tracking device,” commented Gary Wilfert, SkyGuard’s Chief Operations Officer. “Anything valuable left on a worksite with limited security should be monitored.”

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