Dynamic Map Platform acquires Ushr

Dynamic Map Platform, a company that provides research, development and commercialization of high precision 3 dimensional (3D) map data, has announced the acquisition of Ushr.

The US-based company offers automotive manufacturers advanced high-definition map technology. Its technology and software is playing their role in shaping the evolution of self-driving technology by providing customers with the reassurance that the paths upon which their vehicles travel are safe, smart and predictable.

DMP will hereby add Ushr as a group company and will begin to provide high definition 3D digital maps (“HD Maps”) of 15cm absolute accuracy and <1cm relative accuracy to a wide range of users, not only in the Japanese market but also in the North American market. DMP Group will further expand map coverage from highways to surface roads and from Japan and North America to other regions worldwide.

This acquisition will be beneficial for DMP Group which is known for HD Map that claims to provide a near-ground truth measurement of road geometry and attribution in a cost-effective manner for mass production vehicles.

Source: Press Release


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