e-Hawk from Sway Techno Solutions

Sway Techno Solutions based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh provides ICT enabled electronic products and solutions with Green Energy in focus. E- Hawk is their solution for vehicle tracking.


E- Hawk Basic is the entry level variant of the Sway SecureBox devices platform comprising of automotive grade M2M wireless modules from Telit Wireless. This device hosts Cortex-M3 microcontroller providing high speed processing and efficient power management. The device has a built-in Li-ion battery allowing it to run from the back-up battery for hours in case the primary mains power is interrupted. The device can be configured in a few minutes via SMS and it allows the registration of a maximum of three admin users (smartphones) who can set up and modify the server IP port, network provider APN, data update rate, general purpose inputs/outputs, etc.  via SMS. The device also allows configuring ‘Alerts’ via SMS. The device alerts the registered admin users when the device is tampered with.

The installation process of the device takes about 5-10 minutes. It involves connecting the device through wires to the already present wiring in the dashboard below the steering column without scrapping or playing with the original wires present in the car. The device is connected to the battery of the car for the power and grounding requirements. It is also connected to the ignition wiring of the system to keep track of the Ignition status of the vehicle.

The device has a GSM enabled SIM used for sending location data and other vehicle parameters at a set interval (10 seconds) to the server where it is stored for further processing. The details like the vehicle’s location, IMEI number of the SIM, vehicle battery level, vehicle ignition status, etc are made available to the registered admin users through a set of pre-defined codes. The admin users just have to message- SMS the codes to the SIM, and the SIM will forward them with the details they have enquired for.

Apart from the smartphone platform, Sway Techno Soultions also provides a real-time tracking option through a web based platform. The web based dashboard (website) of the tracking device is simple giving details of the vehicle location, its ignition status, vehicle speed, battery level of the vehicle and the reception of GSM and GPS signals. When the vehicle is in motion, the complete trace of the route from start is represented on the map for the admin’s view.


An interesting feature of the device is the tamper alert. The device sends a SMS to all the registered admins when the device is tampered with in any form. It also deactivates the device and alerts the other admins when some unauthorised registration is tried to make on the slot of any of the already registered admins.


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