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Elektrobit Opens New Software Lab in Germany

Elektrobit (EB), a global supplier of embedded and connected software products for the automotive industry, has opened a new software lab in the innovative and creative environment of Germany’s capital Berlin. The company also signed a long-term collaboration agreement with MBition, a 100% owned subsidiary of Daimler AG.

Elektrobit believes that with the experience of one billion embedded devices in operation on the road, it can be the perfect match for automotive software specialists like MBition. The company is designing and developing a software platform and further more Infotainment-Software, Navigation-Software, Cloud-Software and UI-Software. The MBition team currently consists of around 200 software developers from all over the world and is continuously seeking ambitious talents.

MBition selected EB as a key partner to design and implement the software platform for the next generation of Mercedes-Benz telematics systems. Drivers will benefit from enhanced and latest state of the art user experience features developed by MBition.

”Having EB with its profound experience in Berlin close to our office in Berlin helps us tremendously to develop software for our future Mercedes-Benz cars”, says Gregor Zetsche, CEO and Managing Director at MBition.
Gregor Zink, Managing Director of EB, states, “In Berlin, EB is able to bring innovative software products to the automotive industry in an ambitious environment abundant with bright minds. Moreover, EB’s newfound presence can help facilitate MBition’s growth and cultivate more customer and partner possibilities.”

EB’s new office is located at Franklinstraße, close to the Technical University in Berlin’s Charlottenburg neighborhood. The company’s focus will be the development of automotive-grade software platforms for high-performance computing systems, bringing the next generation of automated and connected cars to the road. Projects will be executed in an agile setup in close cooperation with its customers.

Source: Press Release


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