Epson steps into fitness GPS market

Seiko Epson Corporation has developed the GPS-enabled running monitor and with the release of a commercial version of this monitor in Japan this year, company enters in the electronic sporting goods market.

GPS Running Monitor is designed to be strapped on wrist. Its monitor uses GPS to provide runners with performance data on the fly, including distance, pace, and speed, on any course, so that they can train with maximum effectiveness and enjoyment. It is no more than 50 grams and despite the built-in GPS module, it is a sport wristwatch-like 13 mm thick.

Demand for running equipment has soared along with an escalating number of distance runners and races across the world. Looking to serve this demand, Epson developed this GPS running monitor that provides long battery life, running data, and water resistance. It ensures appeal to weekend joggers and serious racers alike.

To develop a thin, lightweight GPS running monitor capable of measuring running data for a long period of time on a single charge, Epson drew on its experience and technology in semiconductors and quartz sensing technology.



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