Evogi unveils game-based UBI platform


USA: Evogi has unveiled its new game-based UBI platform for auto insurance companies and their customers. Evogi is offering its virtual world gamification platform, when combined with a traditional usage or behavior based insurance offering, the virtual world sets the stage for insurers to create engaging and rewarding experiences for customers.

The foundation of the gamification platform is a virtual world 3D live map of the United States, accessed through an insurer’s customer service portal or an Android or iOS device. Customers will be invited to set driving improvement goals and achieve recognition and rewards, either in virtual points or real-world currency. Insurance carriers may also choose to design a series of games or contests that challenge drivers to complete missions and compete for status within user communities. Evogi works with its client companies to customize the platform to create uniquely personalized, branded experiences for the consumer.

The Evogi virtual world gamification platform allows consumers to receive immediate feedback on their driving behavior in a fun, friendly format. Additional features of the Evogi virtual world live map include content feeds for fuel, parking, traffic and weather information; user-generated and expert content; geolocation and geofencing as an option for parents of teen drivers; and mobile commerce apps for merchant interface, offers and virtual currency.

Hassan Sadiq, Evogi Chairman, said: “While saving money on car insurance is a key benefit of usage based insurance, saving lives is the big win. Gamification of insurance applications will ultimately change the dynamic of dangerous driving, by reinforcing and rewarding smart driving habits. Our strong background in game mechanics and insurance brings the expertise companies need to achieve the benefits of behavior based insurance.”

“Launching a UBI product is a huge commitment for insurers. Evogi streamlines that process with its proven approach to telematics, data analysis and security, and systems integration. With the addition of the HIMEX virtual world gamification platform, we have a true end-to-end solution that creates more engagement and greater retention among policyholders. We believe it’s a game changer,”added Sadiq.



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