FleetMatics 8.0 GPS Vehicle Tracking System


FleetMatics has launched new version of its GPS vehicle tracking system which includes:

Mobile App: It provides real-time access to vehicle locations, alerts, reports and dashboards anytime and anywhere, using a native Android application.

Google Street View and Google Maps API Premier: This provides instant vehicle location on Google Maps, Google StreetView and Google Satellite Imagery. Along with traffic information one can plan for avoidance of traffic jams and other delays.

Garmin Integration: Herein the drivers can get audible turn-by-turn routing directions to any customer location. Dispatchers can communicate new service call orders to drivers and to broadcast urgent messages to all technicians in just a few clicks.

Panoramic Reporting: By capturing and storing vehicle performance metrics from its entire user base – the largest and fastest-growing in the industry – to provide information about long-term performance trends and industry best practices that can benefit all FleetMatics users.

New Dashboard Trends. The Dashboard provides at-a-glance access to key performance metrics, which enables users to track both current and historical performance, by individual vehicle, groups of vehicles, or the entire fleet.


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