Florida removes obstacles that hinder the development of autonomous vehicle technology

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed CS/HB 311: Autonomous Vehicles bill, which removes unnecessary obstacles that hinder the development of autonomous vehicle technology. The bill also solidifies Florida’s position as a leading state for transportation innovation by establishing a statewide statutory framework.

The bill exempts autonomous vehicles & operators from certain prohibitions. It provides that human operator is not required to operate a fully autonomous vehicle and authorizes fully autonomous vehicle to operate regardless of presence of human operator. It also provides that automated driving system is deemed operator of autonomous vehicle operating with system engaged. It authorizes Florida Turnpike Enterprise to enter into agreements to fund & operate facilities.

The authorities believe that legislation will usher in a new era of smart cities that will not only expand economy but increase road safety and decrease traffic congestion. And with this Florida can lead the nation with this innovative transportation advancement.

Source: Press Release


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