Ford – Volkswagen expand their global collaboration

Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG recently announced that they are expanding their global alliance to include electric vehicles and autonomous vehicle technology, positioning both companies to better serve customers while improving their competitiveness and cost and capital efficiencies.

The collaboration between the companies will be focused on the following points:

• Volkswagen to join Ford in investing in Argo AI, the autonomous vehicle platform company, at a valuation of more than $7 billion. Tie-up allows both automakers to independently integrate Argo AI’s self-driving system into their own vehicles, delivering significant global scale

• Ford will use Volkswagen’s electric vehicle architecture and Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB) to design and build at least one high-volume fully electric vehicle in Europe for European customers starting in 2023, more efficiently advancing its promise to deliver expressive passenger cars while taking advantage of Volkswagen’s scale

• Ford and VW on track to develop commercial vans and medium pickups for each brand in select global markets starting in 2022; sharing development costs to generate significant synergies

The alliance, which covers collaborations outside of Volkswagen and Ford’s joint investments in Argo AI, does not entail cross-ownership between the two companies and is independent from the investment into Argo AI. The alliance is governed by a joint committee, which is led by both the CEOs and includes senior executives from both companies.

Source: Press Release


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