GaN-based power systems for wireless charging, electric and autonomous vehicles to be exhibited at CES 2019

GaN Systems at CES2019 will be exhibiting the latest GaN-powered developments targeting automobiles, energy storage systems, wireless charging solutions, and consumer electronics.

GaN Systems is a fabless developer of gallium nitride-based power switching semiconductors for power conversion and control applications.

Using GaN power semiconductors will usher in new energy-efficient systems and products, including bringing about lighter and longer-range electric cars, better navigation and sensing in autonomous vehicles, devices without power cords, and more affordable and improved energy storage systems.

As a building block for these systems, GaN is enabling the creation of new energy-efficient systems and products that are 4x smaller, 4x lighter and exhibit 4x less energy loss.

GaN Systems’ power semiconductors are used in products across a wide range of applications that include:

• a 4-channel, high-power LiDAR system;
• power supplies with 150% output power and no increase in size;
• multi-device wireless power charging;
• free-positioning capacitive wireless TV and laptops; and
• a portable energy storage and generation system.


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