Garmin GTU 10: New Web tracking service for pets and kids

Garmin GTU 10
Garmin GTU 10

Garmin GTU 10 is being introduced for tracking pets and property. It is small, lightweight waterproof device that easily attaches to a backpack or pet collar, so that the customers can track and monitor.

GTU 10 GPS locator and web-based Garmin Tracker™ service works with computers, smartphones and compatible Garmin nulink devices.  One can download the Garmin Tracker™ application from their mobile device to see the location of GTU 10 and how it relates to their current location. GTU 10 owners can create up to 10 geofences (virtual boundaries that might include the home, schools, backyards, among other venues) for the device so that when it enters or exits a geofenced area, Garmin can send an email or text message notification to the user or authorized friends and family members. It’s also easy to view the track history of where the GTU 10 device has been. Once customers register the GTU 10 at, the tracking service, delivered through the AT&T wireless network, is enabled.

The Garmin GTU 10 will be available in North America for $199.99, which includes one year of Standard Tracking. With this plan, users can see the last ten known locations of their device each day, and the service can be renewed at an annual rate of $49.99 after the first year of complimentary service.

AT&T will begin selling the Garmin GTU 10 online at and in its select company-owned retail stores beginning May 15.

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