Garmin partners with Navteq to power its Nuvi navigation devices for Mexico

Garmin Nuvi
Garmin Nuvi

Navteq has joined with Garmin Ltd., for the launch of Garmin’s NÜVI navigation devices in Mexico. Garmin will provide Mexican consumers with state-of-the-art portable navigation devices, and Navteq’s will provide its map data and content.

The Navteq® map is integrated into select NÜVI navigators, which includes the following state-of-the-art functions:

Where am I?
By incorporating Points of Interest pre-loaded in the Navteq map, the Where am I? feature allows users to find their position on the map through a wide range of reference points other than the road. GPS navigation data such as petrol stations, hospitals, ATM machines, and restaurants, are reflected for more accurate location identification.

Where’s my Car?
With the Where’s my car? feature, the NÜVI navigator shows where your car was left in a simple, user-friendly way. The navigator, linked to the Navteq map, will guide users to the vehicle, based on the spot where the device was disconnected from the mounting station.

Save on Gas
As part of Garmin’s concern with Mexican drivers and environmental protection, its navigators come equipped with Garmin ecoRoute™ software, which helps people develop better driving habits by producing fuel and mileage reports based on fuel consumption rates and vehicle acceleration data. By using Navteq digital maps, the NÜVI navigator will show drivers the shortest path to their destination based on data such as average highway speeds, in order to map out the route that will use the least amount of gas.

Hands-Free Calling
In order to keep Mexico drivers more focused on the road, Garmin navigators use Bluetooth® wireless technology and come equipped with microphone and speaker. The navigator simply synchronizes with any Bluetooth-compatible cell phone to make hands-free calls without distracting attention from the pathway.

Voice Command & Text-to-Speech
The functionality in NÜVI devices includes Voice Command which allows for speaking actions in the device menu thru phonetics instructions. This functionality allows the user to make phone calls using hands free calling, see the map, search for contacts or modify the volume of the device. Voice phonemes respond to commands from the user’s voice enhancing the ease of use by dictating commands most likely to be issued while driving, ensuring safety and keeping hands on the wheel.

In addition, NÜVI Nüvi takes advantage of all the rich information in Navteq® Maps with Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality which allows the user to hear street names in all the maneuvers. With TTS, instead of hearing “Turn Left in 200 m” the user will hear “Turn left on Avenida Reforma”.

Garmin Garage™
The NÜVI device allows for personalization with the capability to choose from a favorite avatar and to individualize the voices that will guide users to their destinations. Garmin Garage also provides the ability to record voices and use that for navigating directions.

“Quality is especially important for those seeking an optimal navigation experience while driving along the streets of Mexico City. As the world leader in personal navigation, Garmin expects Mexican consumers to have a superior experience. This can only be achieved by providing navigation products with the very best in digital content and the most updated maps of Mexico supplied by Navteq,” explains Matt DeMoss, Director, Latin American Sales, Garmin.

“Navteq is thrilled to partner with Garmin to deliver convenience, comfort and peace of mind for Mexico drivers,” said Jim Dineen, Navteq Director and General Manager for Mexico. “This collaboration brings the Navteq map to life by delivering the right information for a level of confidence drivers can come to expect.”

SIGSA, Sistemas de Información Geográfica S.A. de C.V is an official distributor of the following Garmin NÜVI systems available in Mexico today: NÜVI® 2250, NÜVI® 2350, NÜVI® 2360LT, NUVI 2360LMT, NÜVI® 2460LT, NUVI 3790LT and NÜVI® 3790LMT. And every NÜVI navigator comes equipped with the leading Navteq® maps for Mexico, with many models also including USA and Canada.



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