Glympse releases API to share location tracking for third parties

Glympse location sharing app
Glympse location sharing app

USA: Glympse has unveiled a new software development kit (SDK), giving app developers and others the ability to include Glympse-powered location sharing technology into their services with a few lines of code.

Glympse will be offering use of the API free of charge to implementations of 300,000 users or less, in the form of a Lite SDK. That free SDK will include the ability to add Glympse functionality to a mobile app as well as a Map Tool, for developers to create and host a custom Glympse Map. The SDK will let users add GPS and location management, contact integration and viewer permissions as well as the coding for a user interface for users to share location from within the third-party app.

According to Glympse, a further, paid commercial SDK is designed for developers and enterprises that expect more than 300,000 monthly active users, or need more support, flexibility with user experience flow, or the ability to create more custom features.

Bryan Trussel, co-founder and CEO of Glympse, said: “Based on the response of our current partners and strong interest from the broader developer community, we were encouraged to develop a publicly available platform that would enable anyone to add location technology with just a few lines of code. Android and iOS developers can add Glympse functionality and be up in running in a matter of minutes. We are excited to see how developers use Glympse technology within their applications.”



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