Google introduces APIs for location based applications

Google API Map
Google API Map

USA: Google has introduced two new APIs for Google Maps specially fo tracking the location of vehicles, mobile resources and employees. The new Google Maps Tracks API will enable developers to build apps that can store, display and analyze GPS data on a map. As per Google, the API will enable organizations “to develop customized location-based applications to meet specific business needs.” The API will also allow developers access to features like geofencing.

The Google Maps Geolocation API allows developers to get more exact location data without the need to use a GPS. Instead, the service tries to triangulate the location by looking at the cell towers and WiFi access points around the location. According to Google, this service is meant to save battery life and to allow for better indoor location (where GPS can’t work).

Moreover, Google also offers Maps Coordinate, a tracking service for businesses that offers many of the same features (tracking, location sharing, etc.) these new APIs now enable for third-party apps. Maps Coordinate also offers its own API.



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