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Google’s take on Android Auto and connected cars

Published: June 2, 2016

Google’s recent push into connected car driving through Android Auto, an in-car software platform that brings the functionality of a smartphone to the vehicle’s central screen for driver’s convenience. These up-and-coming technologies such as HVAC, navigation, AM/FM, media streaming, Bluetooth calling, etc., are giving automakers an edge over other functionalities available these days.

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In a recent interview with Fortune, Google’s director of Android engineering, Patrick Brady, talks about the future of cars. Here are some of the excerpts of the interview (via Fortune):

Automotive is a tough nut to crack in terms of how to bring services to market because it’s a heavily regulated industry, it’s capital-intensive, and it takes a long time to bring a car to market or even new software in a car. If we get Android into cars, automakers can take Google services and put them or other services from Facebook, or Spotify, or whoever, in the car much more easily than if they didn’t a have system platform. But later down the road, yeah there’s definitely a lot of exciting advancements in ADAS that we think we can add a lot too. It’s not off the table.

Android Auto has slowly been gaining traction over the last year or so, with more and more car manufacturers coming into the fold every day. While introducing these car systems, Google is also working upon building an autonomous car right from the scratch. Therefore, with the advent of such developments, let’s hope for a future where cars are going to be manufactured for the utmost convenience of a driver.

While there are quite a few car manufacturers with vehicles that support Android Auto, there are a lot more that are a part of the Open Automotive Alliance, and we can expect to see their cars come with Android Auto quite soon as well. This will not only change car’s performance but also give consumers a convenient way of using internet in their cars.


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