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GPS AutoBot dongle – for tracking car using cell phone

for tracking car using cell phone use GPS AutoBot dongle
GPS AutoBot dongle

This new GPS dongle help car owners in finding their vehicle. It is especially handy when a car is parked in a large parking lot, and sometime owner can’t remember where he or she has parked his vehicle. This is just the tip of the ice berg. Once you will connect this “AutoBot” to your cars diagnostic system using an OBD-II port, you will get all the information on anything that is happening inside your vehicle. You can also track your car, in case it gets stolen by getting its precise location. AutoBot also sends the location of the car to the family members and to 911, if it detects that air bags are deployed.

AutoBot is priced at around $300. It’s monthly service plan give information like when he oil change is needed etc. This application currently works on iPhone and on Android capable smartphones.

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