Grace Industries launches personal tracker

SuperCell SC500 GPS
SuperCell SC500 GPS

Grace Industries, a manufacturer of mission-critical personal safety devices has launched a personal tracker, the SuperCell® SC500-GPS.

SuperCell® SC500-GPS is a networked, motion-sensing, two-way emergency radio device with automatic “man-down” alarm. The device is used in critical safety applications where a worker’s location and safety status needs continuous monitoring. With its intrinsically safe, ignition-proof design, the device is of particular interest to the oil and gas industry, as well as railroad and trucking companies handling hazardous or highly flammable materials.

“After careful analysis and rigorous testing, Grace chose u-blox GPS because of its high performance, reliability, and quality”, said Bob Campman, Vice President at Grace. “SuperCell SC500-GPS provides the ultimate level of confidence for companies with mobile workers in remote or hazardous locations, where safety and location can be monitored simultaneously”.

SuperCell SC500-GPS has u-blox GPS. “Grace’s selection of u-blox GPS technology is a testimonial to the superiority of our products”, said Nikolaos Papadopoulos, President of u-blox America. “With the SC500-GPS, tasks such as aircraft fuelling or gas pipeline repairs can now be performed safely while offering companies peace of mind and better insurance terms.”

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