Hawkeye PT a handheld, Iridium tracking and messaging solution for Bell

Blue Sky Network
Blue Sky Network

Blue Sky Network, a leading global provider in satellite tracking, fleet management, and automated flight monitoring solutions, today announced that its HawkEye PT — a handheld, Iridium tracking and messaging solution — will be used across Bell Helicopter’s support and services division, tracking all aircraft en route from Bell’s service center in Piney Flats, TN, to destinations across the globe.

“The Blue Sky Network solution was an ideal fit for us as it’s completely portable, so we can use it on one aircraft one week and a different one the next. This solution offers both tracking and messaging. Reliability is even more important. We ship multi-million dollar aircraft everywhere and we need to know where they are at all times and be able to reach out to them at any time. The PT was the right choice for meeting all these needs,” said Dan Berndt, Product Manager for Bell Helicopter Piney Flats.

Bell’s services and support division is responsible for state of the art customization, aircraft refurbishment, maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions, personalized service offerings, and more. It is responsible for ensuring completed, refurbished and/or repaired aircraft make it to their final destinations on time and in perfect condition.

“Bell’s flexibility and reliability needs would have been addressed by any Blue Sky Network Solution, as all our solutions are easily configurable and tap the Iridium satellite network, but their unique need for portability as well made our hand-held HawkEye PT the best fit,” said Blue Sky Network CEO and Founder, Jon Gilbert.

Blue Sky Network


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