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HERE introduces “split line” real-time traffic reporting tech

Published: November 17, 2015 | Berlin

HERE has expanded the benefits of real time traffic reporting, available across 100% of roads in 50 countries and helping drivers get to destinations efficiently and stress-free. Split Lane Traffic Reporting at Junctions (SLT) is the latest innovation.

HERE is the first traffic service to develop advanced algorithms to detect divergent speeds and report traffic conditions on a multiple lane level before a junction. By measuring, detecting, and publishing divergent speeds at junctions on a multiple lane basis, SLT will contribute significantly to the accuracy of HERE routing and real time traffic services. Click here for a HERE whitepaper on Split Lane Traffic


SLT is the first technology to transform the industry standard practice of reporting average speeds across lanes to report traffic conditions. Current commercially available real time traffic products provide only the harmonic weighted average speed of all roads. With speed averaging, drivers only see one ‘color’ of traffic congestion across all lanes instead of distinct speeds on individual lanes. However, differing speeds in lanes are often pronounced, particularly at major junctions and road splits.

With this latest innovation included in real time traffic feeds, SLT improves the accuracy of estimated arrival times by detecting congestion free routes. An off-ramp could be experiencing heavy congestion while the traffic on the same road remains free-flowing. SLT measures traffic flow in such conditions and reports two different lane speeds where applicable, providing the information necessary for drivers to make informed decisions on their route.

Once available, SLT will automatically feed into the HERE Real Time Traffic product and can be displayed to drivers. SLT will contribute significantly to the accuracy of HERE routing and real time traffic services, expanding dramatically the dynamic map content and services of HERE.

Source: HERE


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