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High solar activities can adversely impact the performance of GPS devices

2011 will be the year of maximum activities on the surface of the sun. With our daily lives depending more and more on technology, it can disturb our daily routine. Countries and organizations studying solar activities are warning that increased coronal mass ejection from sun’s surface can negatively impact satellites ability to receive and transmit data. How long the disruption will last depends upon the duration of solar maxima.

This will severely affect people using services like GPS. These devices will give inaccurate readings or may become totally dysfunctional. There is no way, as of now to protect our devices from solar flares, except one and that is to shut them up, which is not a practical solution. Though military and other sensitive devices can be shielded, but civilian infrastructure can get seriously damaged.

Along with navigation, communication and power lines will also get affected.

solar activities and GPS devices
Solar Flares

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