iCAT to open testing and homologation of Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS)

Published: June 8, 2014 | India

An industry meeting was held at the International Centre for Automotive Technology (iCAT), Manesar campus. The meeting was intended to form a technical committee between GPS device vendors, mapping companies and automotive OEMs. The very purpose of this committee is to form a draft standard for Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS) which can be submitted to the Transport Engineering Department(TED)- 28 group Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for further action.

Prior to this, Telematics Wire has approached people from different industry segments and encouraged them to participate in this meeting at large. As an outcome, an overwhelming response from the entire vehicle telematics community was received including industry and users at large.


The meeting started off with an opening keynote by Dr. Madhusudan Joshi, Sr. Manager at iCAT who looks after automotive component evolution and testing. Following this, Lt. Col MC Verma (Retd.), Director, Telematics Wire welcomed the speakers to share their inputs on the industry requirements for standardization of VTS devices. iCAT acknowledged the useful inputs from the members and has agreed to coordinate with BIS to request the list of ISO standards which are planned to be adopted as it is in the given area, keeping in mind the Indian-centric application.

“We must aim at formulating standards that are application oriented and not product oriented”, said Dr. Joshi during his presentation.

It was decided that the group would have smaller subgroups to have detailed discussion on different standard categories as per the list obtained from BIS. Additionally, the missing standards, if any, would also be identified and feedback would be given to TED 28. Further, the committee members agreed to the proposed suggestion that similar meetings will be held frequently but not necessarily in the iCAT’s campus. Following the meeting, the members visited the VTS testing lab at the iCAT campus which includes high-tech instruments with enhanced accuracy.


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