INRIX to use Pitney Bowes LBS sevices

Pitney Bowes announced a multi-year partnership with real-time traffic provider INRIX, to deliver Location Intelligence solutions through the company’s traffic intelligence platform

“Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence solutions can add compelling new capabilities to the existing products of mobile-oriented companies such as INRIX,” said James Buckley, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Location Intelligence, Pitney Bowes. “Our products help unearth non-obvious relationships between specific locations to improve the customer experience and drive loyalty.”

For INRIX, the Pitney Bowes technology compiles and correlates addresses with coordinates from a mobile device to establish real time location or a desired destination. Combining that with other data such as specific traffic flow, demographics and behavior patterns, users can uncover key points of interest by accessing Pitney Bowes advanced location search.

For example, if a consumer is planning to visit a popular department store in a specific region, the technology makes it possible to suggest a relevant restaurant recommendation for lunch, based on the data that is collected about user preferences, convenience, proximity and projected traffic patterns.

Source: GPS Business News


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