Intel – together with BMW, Delphi, Ericsson and HERE – demonstrates progress toward autonomous future

Intel opened the doors to its Silicon Valley Innovation Center for Autonomous Driving. At this workshop, Intel – together with BMW, Delphi, Ericsson and HERE – demonstrated progress toward our autonomous future.

The theme of the day was “the data-driven journey” and featured demonstrations and “chalk talks” that helped explain the autonomous driving data challenge from car-to-cloud.


Highlights Included:

BMW showed one of the first of approximately 40 highly automated vehicles that were announced by BMW, Intel and Mobileye earlier this year.

Delphi provided rides in its fully autonomous vehicle throughout the day, giving journalists the opportunity to experience an Intel-powered autonomous road trip first-hand.

Intel and Ericsson showed progress toward 5G for autonomous driving with a live, over-the-air demonstration of data moving across a 5G network between the car and the cloud.

Intel executives provided technical courses on the autonomous driving data challenge and its impact on everything related to autonomous driving, including the design of an autonomous car brain; data center planning and design; network infrastructure: and the artificial intelligence needed to process, understand, manage, move, share, store and learn from the data.


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