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Jaguar I-Pace Integrated with OSR Evolver Showcased at IAA

Swiss-based, next-generation automotive Tier 1 supplier, OSR Enterprises and British luxury brand, Jaguar Land Rover are collaborating to enhance Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Automated Driving and secure Connected Technologies for the era of new mobility. The collaboration was revealed at the IAA show, where the OSR EVOLVER is integrated in the Jaguar I-PACE.

According to OSR, EVOLVER in its 4th generation is the multi-domain AI brain for vehicles with an advanced architecture, high processing power and AI capabilities that provide the technology for ultra-smart, autonomous and securely connected vehicles. It accelerates the mobility evolution and speeds up time to market, enabling OEMs to make the necessary leap from car makers to mobility providers.

A part of the collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover is visible in the integration of the 4th generation EVOLVER in Jaguar’s I-PACE. The following functions provide just a glimpse into the wider scope of advanced capabilities that the collaboration will unfold:

• Remote driving and vehicle control over 4G & 5G networks as a built-in functionality integrated into the vehicle

• Open and learning advanced surrounding detection, recognition and prediction as the basis for enhanced safety and automated driving capabilities

• In-cabin driver and passenger monitoring – extracting human characteristics to enhance safety, comfort, wellbeing and personalization

• Cyber-secured car network and connectivity – integrated secure validation of communication, including OTA updates

OSR will also present a glimpse of “The EVOLVER Capsule Experience”, demonstrating how its integrated platform is enabling futuristic technological functions already today. The EVOLVER Capsule Experience represents OSR’s holistic approach.

At the previous IAA, OSR presented the EVOLVER Generation 3. This year, OSR Enterprises AG is giving an example of the integration of the 4th generation EVOLVER in a car.

Source: Press Release


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