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Jaguar Land Rover partners with Altran on “open-source” software project

Published: December 04, 2015 | Warwickshire

Jaguar Land Rover and Altran announced a strategic collaboration to develop and market a unique and ground-breaking open software platform. This platform will revolutionize traditional Electrical and Electronic (E/E) automotive architectures by bringing together cutting-edge industrial and engineering techniques with the processes, methods and tools found in the consumer electronics industry.

The automotive world is facing a major shift in technology complexity and consumer expectations. The demand for vehicle internet connectivity, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Data Analytics and Autonomous Driving is growing and will increasingly challenge traditional approaches to vehicle software and electronics architecture.

The combination of Jaguar Land Rover’s experience and knowledge of the premium automotive sector and Altran’s expertise across industry sectors in advanced software architectures will enable the introduction of this new technology to a host of different vehicles and machines. The product has potential for application in the medical, rail, industrial automation and aerospace sectors.

This will enable the creation of an ecosystem of application developers across the automotive and technology industry, paving the way for the next generation of intelligent vehicles and machines.

Source: Altran


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