JDLink delivers Telematics Solution to Users

John Deere JDLink
John Deere JDLink

John Deere released its JDLink technology, a telematics solution to communicate important information gathered by the equipment and send it back to the user.

As per the company, JDLink provide the customer with remote access to fleet location, fleet utilization and unparalleled diagnostic data. As a result, the customer can see what equipment is earning and which machines are idling — all while keeping preventative-maintenance tabs on each machine in your fleet.

As in news, the key features of JDLink include:

• Monitoring machine health
• Extending life through preventative maintenance
• Simplifying maintenance scheduling and documentation
• Increasing uptime through alerts of potential downtime
• Tracking rental fleet machines and their hours of use
• Documenting machine and operator productivity
• Recovering stolen machines through GPS tracking

Swarupa Bakre, Associate Brand Manager, John Deere, said: “It captures all your machine health, field data, performance and any number of variables and transfers the data by cellular network to a website. Producers can then go to the website and look at what they need to know about their machines to make their operation more efficient. They have a ton of information at their fingertips. The whole system helps to do things like simplifying and scheduling maintenance and even setting up anti-theft tools.

Source: John Deere


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