Kangaroos cause confusion to Volvo’s self-driving cars

Volvo while testing its self-driving cars in Australia has been witnessing a unique problem, according to reports. The car’s animal detection system has failed to recognize kangaroos. The detection system has come across many animals and can detect animals like deer, elk, caribou, moose etc. But kangaroos have proved to be a difficult puzzle for it to solve.


Volvo Australia’s technical manager while talking to a news agency has said that the way the kangaroo moves is causing trouble, when the animal is in the air it actually looks like it’s further away, then it lands and it looks closer. As the cars use the ground as a reference point, they get confused by a hopping kangaroo, unable to determine how far away it is.

The company doesn’t think that this will delay the rollout of its driverless cars in Australia, but it acknowledges that it is critical to solve the problem before they are introduced. Volvo is working with a number of companies including NVIDIA and Autoliv to develop its self-driving technology. The company is hopeful to have its self-driving vehicles available for sale by 2021.


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