Kenwood launches in-car radio “seamless blending” of DAB+ and FM

Kenwood in-car radio
Kenwood in-car radio

Germany: Kenwood Electronics Germany has introduced an in-car radio with uninterrupted switching between DAB+ digital radio and FM. The functionality is called “seamless blending” by Kenwood.

This radio is in fact well equipped to meet the case if even temporarily, an insufficiently strong DAB signal is available, the KDC DAB34U unit switches, at lightning speed with no audible interruption, to the appropriate FM station, according to a translation of a Kenwood announcement. The Kenwod buffers the DAB and FM reception signals each for some time, removing interruption between the two signals that can fade back and forth.
Key features include:
Built-in DAB + tuner and hot key for digital radio mode
“Seamless blending” Switch seamlessly between DAB + and FM
Direct iPod / iPhone control and App Mode including “TuneIn” and “Aupeo”
LC display with large, 13-digit display segments
Variable color setting for display and keys
Front panel, illuminated AUX and USB input with dust cover
Integrated decoder for playback of WAV, MP3 and WMA audio files
Drive EQ for optimum sound depending on the playback volume
Semiparametric equalizer and 7 preset sound patterns
Bass boost and loudness, sound-tuning technology “Sound Reconstruction”
Drive Change to playback up to 5-fold partitioned disk
Switchable preamp (Rear / Sub) with 2.5V output level
MOS FET Power Amplifier with max. Output power: 4 x 50 Watt
Removable panel
Prepared for factory installed steering wheel remote control
Strong reception, active DAB aerial supplied disc




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