Kewill expands visibility capabilities of supply chain software platform

Published: May 21, 2014 

Kewill, a leading provider of innovative software for supply chain execution, has announced enhancements to its Kewill MOVE® multimodal transportation platform. The addition of further visibility capabilities will make it easier for supply chain businesses to collaborate, creating a real-time flow of critical shipment data and improving control over core processes from order management to financial performance analysis, benefiting the entire business from the boardroom to operations and beyond to their customers.

The enhancements meet escalating market demand for improved visibility, the importance of which was outlined in a recent Gartner report. “Visibility seeks to reduce business and partner risk, while improving lead times and performance, as well as identifying shortage and quality problems along the supply chain. The aim of supporting technology is to provide near-real-time (right time) data visibility to potentially support automated end-to-end process collaboration.”
Kewill MOVE is a complete, comprehensive platform for managing the complexities of transportation, logistics and trade compliance, with visibility at its core. The platform has been expanded to incorporate dedicated visibility, event management and business analysis solutions – Kewill Control Tower and Kewill Dashboard – designed to deliver significantly improved supply chain visibility and control when implemented as part of the Kewill MOVE platform, or with third-party systems.
The Kewill Control Tower solution offers comprehensive visibility and event management functionality to connect supply chains end-to-end, providing a complete view of goods under shipment globally. It gives full visibility over critical shipment data by exchanging information with internal IT systems, and that of partners, to generate a powerful, real-time flow of information. By following workflows that can be easily configured to map the standard operating procedures of multiple customers or brands, the solution proactively identifies potential problems and issues alerts to safeguard KPI attainment.
Kewill Dashboard is a powerful supply chain business analysis tool that combines and analyzes data from multiple sources, utilizing a range of visual representations – such as charts, graphs and dials – to monitor operational efficiency and analyze financial performance. This enables organizations to clearly visualize potential issues, such as scheduling delays, track their own and supply chain partner performance against agreed service levels, as well as drill-down into the detail of revenue and costs. Fully customizable by business area, by customer, by brand or by user type, it ensures all relevant users are aware of the key metrics that affect shipments.
“The global supply chain continues to expand and evolve, generating ever greater volumes of data and making visibility and agility more and more difficult to achieve”, said Evan Puzey, chief marketing officer at Kewill, “By creating a 360 degree view of the supply chain and automating the key stages of alert, assess, act, advise and analyze, the Kewill Control Tower and Dashboard solutions harness big data, enabling customers to identify, proactively prevent and respond to potential issues, gaining valuable insight to improve customer service, reduce risk and grow revenues.”

Source: Kewill


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