Kia, SK Telecom, Samsung and UDtech to team up on connected car

Korea: Kia Motors, Samsung Electronics, SK Telecom and UDtech have come together on a strategic partnership on information and communication technology for connected car services.

Under this agreement, the four companies will expand the cooperation in the development of new technology and solutions for connected cars and establish a joint organisation to create a new culture for it.

The four companies have already developed their first product, a mobile application named Q Friends, available to Kia drivers that logs journeys – recording information like speed, distance, and fuel efficiency – on their smart device. To use the app, drivers are first required to install a telematics device, made by UDtech, in their car, which then connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

SK Telecom will provide the device to its subscribers for free of charge if they purchase Samsung’s smartphones such as the Galaxy S4 and S4 LTE-A and Galaxy Note 2 at the automaker’s affiliated repair shops under the brand “Auto Q.”

Kim Chang-sik, Executive Vice-President at Kia Motors, said: “We expect the partnership will create a great synergy as industry leaders have joined hands for technological convergence. The four firms will continuously expand cooperation in marketing and develop new services for customers.”



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