Korean self driving vehicles at Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

At Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Hyundai Motors, South Korea’s largest automaker will showcase its autonomous sedans. KT Corp, country’s largest telephone company will also showcase its self-driving bus named 5G Bus at the event according to a report by The Associated Press.

Hyundai is the local sponsor for the transport category of the games this year. It is also known that in comparison to other automakers is a late entrant to this race for developing self-driving cars, therefore, this exercise will also help the company to shed that image.

Hyundai also has tested its fleet of self-driven fuel cell electric cars in Korea as we had reported earlier this month. The cars successfully completed a journey of 190 kilometers from Seoul to Pyeongchang. This is the first time level 4 autonomous driving was achieved with fuel cell electric cars.

In their journey to Pyeongchang, the cars performed many functions like entering the highway, moving in response to the natural flow of traffic, lane changes and overtaking maneuvers, and navigation through toll gates using Hi-pass, South-Korea’s wireless expressway payment system. Hyundai also has got into a strategic partnership with technology company Aurora with the aim to bring self-driving vehicles to market by 2021.

KT, the Korean telecom giant, along with Intel and Samsung Electronics, has built 5G networks as a trial service in the Olympic towns. Being the telecom sponsor of the Winter Olympics but not the automotive sponsor, the company will not present its two “5G connected” buses to the media as driving unmanned, but these buses will be operating in the seaside town of Gangneung, where Olympic ice hockey and skating matches are underway. The company plans to begin 5G services across South Korea in 2019.

Showcasing these vehicles at the Olympics will not only show the country’s progress in the field of advanced vehicle technology but will also help to allay fears and popularise these technologies among the attendees and the audience world over.


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