Local Motors launches Autonomous Vehicle Fleet Challenge in Australia

Local Motors, known for 3D-printed mobility solutions, is opening an Australian fleet challenge for its autonomous shuttle known as Olli. The challenge invites Australian municipalities, campuses, designated districts and transit or transportation operators to propose short-term, best-use scenarios for the self-driving shuttle.

The entry window for the Australian challenge is open immediately and will close March 27. A panel of esteemed judges with industry experience and background will evaluate the entries. A winning entry is expected to be announced in late April. Olli shuttles will be deployed to the winning location once route mapping is completed.

Olli, which employs a responsive cognitive function, is an environmentally-friendly vehicle designed to change the future of mobility. According to the company, Olli is a viable, safe and efficient shuttle. It can be a sustainable transportation option for cities, companies, hospitals, campuses, stadiums, entertainment districts and any other location where people need to move from one place to another.

Source: Press Release


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