Luxoft Holding joins the AUTOSAR Consortium

Luxoft Holding has joined the AUTOSAR Consortium. It is a cooperation of automotive manufacturers, suppliers and tool developers, to help develop a reference platform for its new Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) called AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform (AR-AP).

The move is part of the Consortium’s push to develop a running code base for the AR-AP that is accessible by all its members, which will accelerate the deployment of the new platform.

The reference platforms deliver considerable supply chain cost savings for semiconductors and software & operating system vendors, freeing up additional resource for the pursuit of new business.

Luxoft is building reference platforms for two key areas of automotive high-performance computing for the AUTOSAR Adaptive platform: Digital Cockpit/IVI (including informational ADAS) and Autonomous Driving – both will be made available on open source.


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