Lyft: Will provide 1 billion rides per year using electric, autonomous vehicles by 2025

According to some reports, Lyft has set itself an ambitious goal of having all of the electric, autonomous vehicles on its platform to be powered by 100% renewable energy.

The company has said that it will provide 1 billion rides per year using electric, autonomous vehicles by 2025. In the year 2016 Lyft provided 160 million rides so 1 billion rides in 2025, solely from autonomous electric vehicles, shows that ambition of the company to grow multiple bounds. The company will also be launching self-driving electric vehicles in Boston later this year as per its partnership with nuTonomy.


To offset any emissions from fueling of autonomous electric vehicles, the company has said it will purchase renewable energy certificates. But Lyft has clarified that all of its self-driving cars will be not electric and initially it will be testing a variety of prototype vehicles, but eventually as this technology develops the company will ensure that most of its vehicles are electric vehicles.

Co-founders of Lyft, Logan Green and John Zimmer, writing on a blog have opined that in future, ridesharing, combined with autonomous vehicles, will be the driving force and will bring electric vehicles from a tiny portion (~0.1%) of all cars on the road today to a significant majority within 20 years. Lyft is one of the companies that has pledged to continue to abide by the Paris agreement despite President Trump announcing the US pull out of the agreement.

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