Magneti Marelli to showcase its high-tech offerings at CES 2019

Magneti Marelli has announced that it will showcase its high-tech offerings at CES 2019. The company aims to address the needs of autonomous driving and connectivity with a wide range of smart, streamlined and highly integrated lighting and electronics solutions.

Smart Corner

The company will unveil Smart Corner– a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree, in the Vehicle Intelligence & Self-Driving Technology category. Smart Corner integrates autonomous sensors into headlamps and tail lamps to provide OEMs with the required functionality for autonomous driving, while maintaining styling aesthetics and lighting performance. It can accommodate any sensor an OEM may choose to deploy, including LiDAR, radar, cameras, or ultrasonics, as well as advanced, LED-based lighting features like adaptive driving beam (ADB) and DLP.

Smart Corner claims to provide a 360-degree view around the vehicle with redundancy. Because the sensors are integrated into existing headlamps and tail lamps, an OEM benefits from a fully calibrated, plug-and-play solution, resulting in a simplified manufacturing process that is lower cost and lighter weight than alternatives.

Connectivity Features

Magneti Marelli will also showcase seamlessly integrated connectivity features in a test vehicle. Technology includes active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays embedded in the front grille and rear applique to communicate intent, autonomous signaling, an interactive virtual assistant, audible alerts, and positional advertising using V2X.

Driver Monitoring

The company will showcase how it integrates cameras, sensors and perception software to provide driver monitoring functionality. A key feature of the solution is that it requires very little computing power and works without complex hardware. Once a user’s status and mood is determined, the data interfaces with the HMI to dynamically adapt the car’s environment.

Integrated HMI

The company will exhibit the seamless integration of multiple displays, controls and feedback to serve the driver by delivering information on how, when and where they need it. The company’s latest display technology can augment perception, depth and reality, without tapping into valuable dashboard real estate.

Using light as a perception and communication tool

Magneti Marelli’s DLP creates ideal lighting conditions, and can project images onto the road to communicate with drivers and pedestrians.

Advanced lighting solutions

Booth attendees will see a variety of ADB modules that increase visibility for a safer, more comfortable drive. Headlamps equipped with ADB can operate in high beam mode nearly 100% of the time, providing maximum light output. By combining laser and LED light sources, the company’s latest generation laser headlamps have a high beam range of more than 600 meters.

Source: Press Release


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