Masternaut unveils ‘instant feedback’ to upgrade direct driver feedback and coaching

New Masternaut Communication Centre
New Masternaut Communication Centre

UK: Masternaut has introduced ‘instant feedback’ – a new innovation to its in-vehicle mobile communication centre. Available immediately, drivers will now have access to instant feedback on performance and driving style combined with real-time audible coaching.

This latest product enhancement now communicates with the driver to receive instant-updates on performance as well as end-of-journey reporting. Therefore, drivers can now directly receive their fuel consumption and emissions by the day, week or month with a rating that measures over-revving, harsh acceleration and breaking combined with idling and an option on speed. This allows the driver to have a constant overview of how his driving style contributes to the amount of fuel consumed. The system comprises a Mobile Communication Centre (MCC) combining vehicle tracking, GPS satellite navigation, real-time job scheduling and messaging in a single unit.

Martin Hiscox, Chairman and CEO said: “The latest innovation means that we are contributing to this whole process by combining telematics with direct driver communication all through one convenient device. For the fleet – if the driver can make even a small improvement to performance of 10% for example, the payback for the organisation in reduced cost of operation can be significant. We have seen in some early deployments that a 20% reduction in fuel can be achieved when combined with Masternaut’s driver education programmes.”

Two sizes of touchscreen display are available – standard 3.5 inch and a 6.5 inch version suitable for HGV applications. Masternaut’s core technology continues to track the vehicle even if the touchscreen is damaged or stolen. The low-cost touchscreens are replaced easily in the event of accidental damage or loss and come integrated with a handy button pad that also allows drivers to switch between personal use and business use for mileage recording.



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