Mazda Opencar Connect platform

USA: OpenCar Inc., a Seattle-based software company that aims to bridge the gap between automakers and software developers, has announced it has forged a strategic partnership with the Mazda Motor Corp. for its new standards-based App platform called OpenCar Connect.

In press release issued earlier, Masashi Yamasaki, GM of Electrical & Electronics Development Dept. for Mazda Motor, had said:”Mazda is serious about innovating drivers’ in-car connectivity experience. So we partnered with OpenCar to enable 3rd party developers to create a ground-breaking variety of Apps while promoting the absolute highest level of safety, our collaboration with OpenCar will produce an App platform which Mazda can pre-define our own safety and HMI requirements into and thus enable App developers to create automotive-grade Apps even without expertise about automobiles or safety. We invite 3rd party developers who share Mazda’s game-changing spirit to further our vision for safely enhancing drivers’ connected lifestyles.”



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